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Bellwether Breaks EP "Headed Home" was staff picked as one of ten of Rochesters most loved albums of 2022 
by Roches
ter City News


Upcoming Shows

SEP 29, 2023, NY
Parktoberfest at Lovin' Cup

OCT 4, 2023: Rochester, NY

Record Archive

Nov 11, 2023: NYC
Venue TBD

Nov 24: Rochester, NY
Lux Lounge

Past Shows


JULY 9, 2023: Rochester, NY

Corn Hill Fest, 3:30pm


JUN 30, 2023: Rochester, NY

Rochester Jazz Festival Afterparty with A Girl Named Genny at Flour City Station


JUN 29, 2023: Rochester, NY

Hochstein at High Falls

JUN 16, 2023: Rochester, NY

Zoo Brew at Seneca Park Zoo

JUN 10, 2023: Rochester, NY

Rochester Real Beer Expo at Innovative Field, 6:30pm

MAY 20, 2023: Rochester, NY

NAMI Rochester Walk at Village Gate, 11:00am

MAY 6, 2023: Buffalo, NY
Jack Rabbit, 10pm

APR 2, 2023: Rochester, NY

with Shayfer James and Sarah and the Safe Word at Photo City Music Hall

March 29, 2023: WROC-TV

Songs from Studio B on Channel 8

OCT 28, 2022: Rochester, NY

Halloween at Lux Lounge!

OCT 12, 2022: Rochester, NY

with Grace Serene & the Super Clean and the Q-Tip Bandits at Water Street Music Hall

OCT 1, 2022: Darien Center, NY

Folkfaces Fest Main Stage

AUG 26, 2022: Rochester, NY

Voidyear Fest at Abilene Bar and Lounge

JUN 24, 2022: Rochester, NY

with Jackson Cavalier & the Big Dead Waltz at Radio Social

JUN 3, 2022: Buffalo, NY

Jack Rabbit

JUN 22022: Rochester, NY

Rock for Ukraine Benefit Concert at Photo City Music Hall

MAY 13, 2022: Rochester, NY

Friday the 13th at Lux Lounge!

MAY 4, 2022: Rochester, NY

Abliene Bar and Lounge

APR 16, 2022: Rochester, NY

with Vileman and the Excaliburs at Lovin' Cup

NOV 19, 2021: Rochester, NY

Abilene Bar and Lounge

OCT 15, 2021: Rochester, NY

Lux Lounge

AUG 29, 2022: Rochester, NY

Voidyear Fest at Abilene

AUG 1, 2021: Rochester, NY

The Daily Refresher

JUL 30, 2021: Rochester, NY

with The Sideways at Flour City Station

JUL 17, 2021: Rochester, NY

Lovin' Cup

JUN 24, 2021: Rochester, NY 

with Ryan Sutherland at Photo City Music Hall

JUN 18, 2021 Rochester, NY

with Archimedes at Jurassic Farms

MAY 28, 2021: Rochester, NY

with The Fakers at Abilene Bar and Lounge

MAR 5, 2021: Rochester, NY

University of Rochester Open Sessions

OCT 3, 2020: Rochester, NY

Abilene Bar and Lounge

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