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Bellwether Breaks EP "Headed Home" was staff picked as one of ten of Rochesters most loved albums of 2022 
by Roches
ter City News


Upcoming Shows

MAY 10, 2024: Rochester, NY
Lilac Festival, 4:00pm

May 17, 2024: Bushwick, NY
Unit J

May 18, 2024: New York, NY

Rockwood Music Hall

JUN 8, 2024: Rochester, NY
Rochester Real Beer Expo

SEP 21, 2024: Rochester, NY

Be Kind Music Festival at Three Heads Brewing

NOV 8, 2024: Rochester, NY
Lux Lounge

Past Shows


MAR 29, 2024: Buffalo, NY

Jack Rabbit

FEB 10, 2024: Rochester, NY

Skylark Lounge with The Mighty High and Dry

DEC 30, 2023: Rochester, NY

Bug Jar


NOV 24, 2023: Rochester, NY

Lux Lounge with Amos Rose & Everything Forever


OCT 4, 2023: Rochester, NY

Record Archive

SEP 29, 2023, NY

Parktoberfest at Lovin' Cup


JULY 9, 2023: Rochester, NY

Corn Hill Fest, 3:30pm


JUN 30, 2023: Rochester, NY

Rochester Jazz Festival Afterparty with A Girl Named Genny at Flour City Station


JUN 29, 2023: Rochester, NY

Hochstein at High Falls

JUN 16, 2023: Rochester, NY

Zoo Brew at Seneca Park Zoo

JUN 10, 2023: Rochester, NY

Rochester Real Beer Expo at Innovative Field, 6:30pm

MAY 20, 2023: Rochester, NY

NAMI Rochester Walk at Village Gate, 11:00am

MAY 6, 2023: Buffalo, NY
Jack Rabbit, 10pm

APR 2, 2023: Rochester, NY

with Shayfer James and Sarah and the Safe Word at Photo City Music Hall

March 29, 2023: WROC-TV

Songs from Studio B on Channel 8

OCT 28, 2022: Rochester, NY

Halloween at Lux Lounge!

OCT 12, 2022: Rochester, NY

with Grace Serene & the Super Clean and the Q-Tip Bandits at Water Street Music Hall

OCT 1, 2022: Darien Center, NY

Folkfaces Fest Main Stage

AUG 26, 2022: Rochester, NY

Voidyear Fest at Abilene Bar and Lounge

JUN 24, 2022: Rochester, NY

with Jackson Cavalier & the Big Dead Waltz at Radio Social

JUN 3, 2022: Buffalo, NY

Jack Rabbit

JUN 22022: Rochester, NY

Rock for Ukraine Benefit Concert at Photo City Music Hall

MAY 13, 2022: Rochester, NY

Friday the 13th at Lux Lounge!

MAY 4, 2022: Rochester, NY

Abliene Bar and Lounge

APR 16, 2022: Rochester, NY

with Vileman and the Excaliburs at Lovin' Cup

NOV 19, 2021: Rochester, NY

Abilene Bar and Lounge

OCT 15, 2021: Rochester, NY

Lux Lounge

AUG 29, 2022: Rochester, NY

Voidyear Fest at Abilene

AUG 1, 2021: Rochester, NY

The Daily Refresher

JUL 30, 2021: Rochester, NY

with The Sideways at Flour City Station

JUL 17, 2021: Rochester, NY

Lovin' Cup

JUN 24, 2021: Rochester, NY 

with Ryan Sutherland at Photo City Music Hall

JUN 18, 2021 Rochester, NY

with Archimedes at Jurassic Farms

MAY 28, 2021: Rochester, NY

with The Fakers at Abilene Bar and Lounge

MAR 5, 2021: Rochester, NY

University of Rochester Open Sessions

OCT 3, 2020: Rochester, NY

Abilene Bar and Lounge

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